Class Info

Babes & Company (Motor Room)

This program is designed for children who are able to walk through age 2. It is a 40 minute class that begins in our dance studio where children will be facilitated in a group activity. The class will then transition into our state-of-the-art soft motor room where children can participate in both self-directed and adult-directed functional motor play. Effective navigation over uneven surfaces, balance, body awareness, and encouragement of exploration over varying pieces of soft play equipment are examples of areas to be focused on in this class.

Tots & Company

This program is designed for children 2-4 years old with the assistance of an adult. Children will participate in a fun structured obstacle course with a specific theme each week. Gymnastics fundamentals will be introduced with a focus on enhancing strength, motor control, balance, coordination, body awareness, and overall confidence.

Mini Olympians

Our Mini Olympians program is designed for girls and boys age 4-6. This class provides a fun, positive atmosphere for students to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics. Children learn basic skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor as well as large motor coordination skills. This class provides children with a foundation that can help them with any sport they plan to pursue. 

Gymnastics with Integrated Sensory Room Experience

This program is designed to incorporate both elements of gymnastic instruction as well as a calming sensory experience for children. The hour long class begins in our state-of-the-art sensory room, then will transition into the main gym where foundational skills from vault, bars, beam, floor exercise, and trampoline will be instructed. Children will be working on activities that promote strengthening, flexibility, balance, coordination, and body/safety awareness. For the final 15 minutes of class time, the group will transition back into the sensory room for a cool-down period. Overall, our aim is to provide your child with an enriched program that offers quality gymnastic training while integrating a sensory experience that optimizes attention and focus, and prepares children to perform their best. 

Girls Gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics is our beginners’ class for girls age 6 & up. In this weekly 1-hour class, students will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam and floor. In addition, our trampolines and tumble tracks will be used for fun development and spatial air sense. This class focuses on gaining strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Advanced Girls Gymnastics

Advanced girls gymnastics is for students that have mastered several rudimentary gymnastics skills. This class meets for weekly 1hr15min classes. At this level, gymnasts will continue to develop their technique and quality of movement. Permission required.

Girls Novice Olympians

Novice Olympians is a twice a week class for gymnasts working intermediate skills. At this level working 3 hours a week will help physically prepare gymnasts to start training more advanced skills on all four events. Our trampolines and tumble track will also be used to help the gymnasts progress. Permission required.

Girls Starlings

Starling students must meet skill requirements on all 4 woman’s events. This twice a week class focuses on learning and perfecting skills needed for gymnasts to compete in the USAG Developmental or Xcel program. Permission Required.

Boys Gymnastics

This is a beginners’ class for boys age 6 & up. In this weekly 1-hour class, students will be introduced to basic skills and techniques on floor, mushroom, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. In addition, our trampolines and tumble tracks will be used for fun development and spatial air sense.


Our tumbling classes are a co-ed classes that focuses on increasing students tumbling skills.This class ranges in skill level from beginners to more experienced tumblers. Students will follow progressions to learn more advanced skills with proper form and technique. Our trampolines and tumble tracks will be used to help skill development and spatial air sense.


Our trampoline classes focus on air sense training and improving overall body and safety awareness while learning fun skills. These classes will begin May 4th and there will be more information coming soon.

Additional classes will be forming. Please stay tuned!